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    Cair Paravel :)
    Sorry, just thought of these as well--they might be a way to get you to Ana still?
    Liane (lee-AHN; I thought it was so lilting and unexpected when I first came across it!)

    I think Ariane/Liliane/Eliane would be great, personally!

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    I love your list!! The only name that I'm not crazy about is Aurore I don't think I know that name or how to pronounce it and I did at first confuse it with Aurora.
    I adore Josephine I think Posy is a fun NN.
    Delphine is to die for gorgeous. I think of a beautiful flawless woman. "Delphine is here" just hearing that I would fix my posture haha. And not in a bad way there is just something about how gorgeous it sounds. If I met a girl and she looked average but then said hello my name is Delphine I would instantly love her. Haha names do that for me.
    The other names you have are beautiful but a little bit too.... Run of the mill for me in a way. I like the suggestion of Viloette and Vivienne.

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    I love the way Genevieve is pronounced in French. From your list I like Madeleine and Josephine and I quite like the alliteration. The only one I don't like is Aurore. The pronunciation I have heard for this is quite offensive with the English meaning of the word it sounds like.
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    ashthedreamer- Thanks for answering my questions! I thought there was a slight difference in the way Alice was pronounced, but I wasn't totally sure! Maybe it's just my dialect, but I almost feel like Alice and Elise would be pronounced the same then! That's another problem with Ariane/Arianne then I don't like the "ahr" at the beginning; if I could have it work and be perfect for what I'm looking'd be spelled Arianne but pronounced "air-ee-ahn" with the nickname "Ana" but I don't think that's going to work out. Liliane had been suggested on my first thread (I think?) and I thought it was nice and all, but I think it would always be misspelled and I think it would be really hard to get Ana as a nickname since pretty much any name that beings with "Lil" will get shortened to Lily without a second thought. In theory, I like the look of Viviane but I feel like it would look like we were trying to be "yooneek" with Vivian/Vivienne and I don't know if I'm thrilled by the sound of it.

    meyers2408- Thanks! I'm not a fan of Viloette and I'm not thrilled by the sound or look of Vivienne sorry!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Quote Originally Posted by ellieroo View Post
    ashthedreamer- I want to find a name that doesn't have accents at all; I feel like just simply taking away the accents would almost be..disrespectful? I don't know if that is the right word I'm looking for, but that's the best I got right now hahaha! Besides the ones that are already on my beginning list (like Madeleine and Emilie), I like Fleur (but still think it's incomplete or something), Juliette (but really dislike alliteration so it's a definite no-go for me at this point), Ariane/Arianne (Ariane doesn't look right but Arianne causes problems for me), and Genevieve (but the differences in pronunciations is a problem, especially since I really dislike the French pronunciation)
    Oh, I agree completely! If I used a French name that had accents, I would definitely include them. I don't blame you; I love the French language; I love everything about French linguistics (except how hard it is for me to pick up some concepts, hahaha!), but I hatehatehate the French pronunciation of Adelaide and Genevieve (add-eh-lye-eed? How is that pretty, in any sense at all?! And zhahn-vee-ehv just sounds so disjointed and unflowy. :/)

    What about Lydie?! It's the French form of Lydia (which is pretty hot in America right now!), very sweet sounding, uncomplicated, and I think Lydie "jur-roo" sounds adorable. Definitely French.

    I recently was looking for international names I might like, and I came across Capucine (a flower name in France; cap-oo-seen), Madelaine (mad-eh-lane), Adeline (I think it'd probably be said add-eh-leen in French), and Agathe (ah-GAHT) in my search--any of those appeal? I also know of French little girls named Prune (the French word for plum--pretty sure that wouldn't work here, haha!), Anabelle (Prune's big sister), Clementine (said clay-mahn-teen in French), Ysaline, and Avelaine. Any of those, maybe?

    I can ask my friend's sister for you, if you like, to see if she has any suggestions? Or you might also check the popularity lists on It has popularity lists from previous years, and has several French gems, I've found.
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