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    How about Odette? I haven't seen it suggested yet. Or Sylvie, I'm pretty sure it wasn't suggested yet. If I think of any more I will post again. Good luck in picking the perfect name.

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    Okay back again with some more, I am hoping they are not repeats.

    Elinor (I know you were concerned about El names as your name is Eloise, is Elinor too close to Eloise?)

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Madeleine - I agree, I'm not totally thrilled with the many spellings, either, but I do love its pronunciation in French, and it's just so sweet and classy! I think it has a lot of great non-Maddy nicknames, too (my favorite being Leni, but Della/Adele, Addy, etc.
    Josephine - beautiful, but I just never can get into it. It seems sort of boring to me most of the time. I like Josephine "jur-roo", though!
    Emilie/Emeline - I think there could be issues with spelling in the US, especially with Emily and Emmaline being the most common spellings. Amelie might be a nice alternative? It rarely ever gets the accent here in the US, and it's so close to Emilie, and so pretty. Technically, I think Emilie's supposed to get an accent aigu over the first "E"?
    Aurore - omgoodness, I adore Aurore! It sounds so lilting and pretty in a French accent! I think Americans would butcher it, though, sadly. I can't even say it well when I speak in French.

    Are you interested in French names that would normally have accents, but just not using them? Like Agnes, Helene, Zoe, Felicite, Penelope, Daphne--they all are French forms with the accents, but I don't think they'd have too many problems in America. And it might be fun to be fay-lee-see-tay in Canada/with French-Canadian family, but Felicity in America. Same with ZOH-ee and zoh-ay, AG-ness and ahn-YESS, etc.

    My favorite idea for you is a French double barrel starting off with Anne? A Canadian friend of mine says they were more hot in Canada than they ever were in French, and I think it could even get you to Ana. Anne-Sophie and Anne-Claire are my two favorites, but I think something like Anne-Charlotte or Anne-Marie would be lovely, too. There's also Anne-Laure, and you could do it with a great many French names (Anne-Camille? Anne-Coralie? Anne-Odette? Anne-Emilie? Anne-Amelie?).

    Some of my favorite accent-less French names:

    Odette (omgoodness, adore!)
    Cecile (or is there an accent over the first "E"?)
    Anouk (technically French and Dutch, I think, but still French)

    Favorite French names for just dropping the accent:


    Sorry if I've just listed a bunch of repeats.

    Good luck!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Also, I figured I'd address some of your questions about some names, since my best friend was French, and we used to talk names, and I have a wee bit of knowledge. Alice is definitely said different in French and English; it's AL-iss in English and ah-LEES in French. I can see your concern with Arianne (as far as I know, the French pronunciation is ahr-ee-ahn/ahr-ee-anne--I've never heard an "A" sound like "AY" in French? It's always an "E", many times with an accent...). I love it--it's my second favorite girls' name--and (guilty!) I do say it like AIR-ee-anne (which I find adorable). That's how I first heard it, so that's how I say it naturally. I think the Ariane spelling would get you closer to what you want (I find it to look more classic and elfish and timeless, too, although I have trouble getting behind that spelling, too), but Arianne/Ariane is so obscure in the US, anyway, that you could say it any old way you please and most Americans would just follow suit. I think, depending on where you live in the US, you might have different ways people might think to pronounce it, but most people say Ariana like ahr-ee-AH-nah, so I wouldn't really expect the AIR-ee beginning...

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    waverly123- Zoelie is just OK to me, the spelling makes it look weird and I fear that it would be said "zoh-ee-lee" (like the name Zoe + lee at the end). Fleurette and Fleurine are a bit...much? different? for me. It kind of seems like some random letters were added at the end to make them longer I used to be very good friends with an Arielle and things ended badly, so I don't really want to bring up those memories in my daughter's name. Eleanore concerns me because the "EL" beginning like my name, and I feel like it will always be misspelled because of the "e" at the end. The reason we won't use just Ana is because:

    1) My SO thinks it's too short for a full name
    2) We want to use a name that is truly French rather than one being a variant of a French name (it cheapens the meaning of using a French name to us)

    jtucker- If it wasn't for the Swan Princess, I'd probably go for Odette, but that is all I can think of when I see it. I'm not really thrilled by any of the others, sorry!

    ashthedreamer- I want to find a name that doesn't have accents at all; I feel like just simply taking away the accents would almost be..disrespectful? I don't know if that is the right word I'm looking for, but that's the best I got right now hahaha! Besides the ones that are already on my beginning list (like Madeleine and Emilie), I like Fleur (but still think it's incomplete or something), Juliette (but really dislike alliteration so it's a definite no-go for me at this point), Ariane/Arianne (Ariane doesn't look right but Arianne causes problems for me), and Genevieve (but the differences in pronunciations is a problem, especially since I really dislike the French pronunciation)

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