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    Callie: To me Callie is cute, but only on a cat.

    Caroline: I love Caroline! Ever since I heard the song "Sweet Caroline" it has been a favorite of mine, but hard to pull off IMO.

    Cora: I really like Cora, but I am sort of torn on how I feel about it standing on it's own. I love it as a nickname for Cordelia especially.

    Cate/ Catherine: Love this classic. Cate spelled this way has always been my favorite over Kate!

    Nina: I always saw this name as extremely boring. I like Mina, but that is my sister's name.. I don't know what it is, but I have never liked this name.

    Geneva: Very Beautiful. Genny or Eva are great nicknames. This is like a fresher Genevieve.

    Ginnifer: Awful. I'm sorry, but this just makes my skin crawl spelled this way.

    Arabella: Love this name, one of the prettier "Bella" names imo. VERY frilly though, almost tooo frilly for even me! I still love it though. I always saw it as a sassy Anabelle.

    Aveline: Never really a fan, I like Evelyn much more.

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    Arabella - LOVE this. It would be my future daughter's name however my husband doesn't like it at all.
    Catherine - Always a classic & timeless name but I prefer the spelling for Kate as NN.
    Nina - Super cute!

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    Callie - I think this is a little too little girly.
    Caroline - I worked with a Caroline who was a real b-hole so I'm not crazy about this one.
    Cora - I like Cora, has the same vibe for me as Cara and Claire.
    Cate/ Catherine - I love Cate! I have always preferred that spelling to my own. Instead of Catherine I might suggest Catherina.
    Nina - Nina is pretty. Very simple.
    Geneva - I love this, so refined. Great with quirky nn Ginny.
    Ginnifer - No. Just use Jennifer.
    Arabella - Not my favourite but has been getting lots of love on NB lately. Too frilly for my taste.
    Aveline - I automatically pronounce this AvaLINE so it gets a no from me. Pronounciation probz.
    Ginny/Ginnie - Love Ginny as a nn only. Not a fan of Ginnie.
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    Why not change Ginnifer to Gillian? My sister Gillian was nicknamed Ginny Jones (a bag of bones). So I think Ginny is a viable nn for Gillian.
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    My top two are Caroline and Catherine. I do not care for Ginnifer at all.

    Some suggestions -

    Piers Lachlan Wilder
    Charlie Bennett Wolf
    Oliver Henry Birch
    George Emory Tobias
    Finlay Radford August
    Crispin Everett Gray
    Sophie Elizabeth Fable
    Grace Margaret Birdie "Birdie"
    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Lottie Clementine Beatrix/Beatrice
    Evelyn Dulcie ? "Evvie"
    Alice Madeleine ?

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