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    I NEED opinions and suggestions

    I am not sure how i feel about these names wdyt of them:
    ~Cate/ Catherine
    ~Aveline (pronounced AY-VUH-LYNN)

    Also, I love the name Ginny/Ginnie, do you think i would have to use it as nickname only? Or could it stand alone?

    Suggestions PLEASE!!!!
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    Callie- Very sweet sounding. I can picture it on someone of any age.
    Caroline- I love it! A very strong, feminine classic.
    Cora- Fantastic vintage with lots of style.
    Cate/Catherine- I love both, but I think Cate works best as a nickname for Catherine.
    Nina- I love it- it's fresh but well-known enough to not cause problems.
    Geneva- could grow on me.
    Ginnifer- I don't like it. At all.
    Arabella- Awesome.
    Aveline- I like Av-uh-leen better.

    I think Ginny works best as a nickname. What about Virginia?
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    I think many nicknames, including Ginny, are fine as the full first name. I prefer it as a nickname really, because a formal first name that doesn't sound nicknamey is my personal preference.
    Callie: cute, spunky maybe, I like Callista as a longer version.

    Caroline: Ok. Classic, I feel the same way about Catherine.

    Cora: I prefer Coraline ( Cora plus Lynn ) or Coral, I like Cora, but I don't love her.

    Cate/Catherine: Cate with a C is quite cute. Catherine, classic, not a fan of this, but Cate I like better.

    Nina: short, cute, take it or leave it, Naomi is one of my favorites.

    Geneva: LOVE this name.

    Ginnifer: Not a fan. I like Ginny better, but still neither are my faves.

    Arabella: never was fond of it, too frilly for my taste perhaps, nothing wrong with it though

    Aveline: LOVE how you pronounce this. I like this a lot.

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    Callie - not my style
    Caroline - LOVE
    Cora - not my favorite from your list but I like it
    Cate/Catherine - LOVE - I would probably go with Catherine nn Cate so I could use both names
    Nina - LOVE
    Geneva - I like it
    Ginnifer - I don't like it. I don't really like Ginny/Ginnie either
    Arabella - I like it
    Aveline - I like it

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    I think Ginnifer would constantly be mistaken for Jennifer. There are other ways to get to Ginny, including Ginevra and Virginia.
    I like Nina, Geneva and Arabella off your list. (please vote!)

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