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    I really like this name. One of my best friends growing up was named Marissa. I don't think of it as dated at all. I'm surprised it made it to 53 because I don't know very many people with this name.

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    I find all of the -issa names to be dated. Marissa, Melissa, Alyssa, Clarissa... all had a surge of popularity in the 80s. They are nice names, but do come off as dated to me.

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    Well, I know several Marissa's (both spellings)
    One has a sister named Teresa.
    Another has a sister named Natalie.
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    Thanks, ladies! I've only ever known one Marissa (went to high school with her) so I wasn't sure if it was actually seen as dated or not! I love that it's from Mary and Marissa has the potential to grow on me but I'm not sure if I'd ever love it.

    I have a thing for 80's endings. I like both Marissa and Vanessa.
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