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    So we battled this when naming our first son and I still can't get over it. We adore the name Oliver but our last name is Olson. What are your honest opinions of it with our last name? We like Oliver Luca, Oliver Amadeus, and Oliver Henry. Also, does it work with siblings Eva Natalia & Dimitri David?
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    I love the name Oliver too, but I'm sorry to say that I think your surname is too similar to it.
    Oliver Olson...
    Though I'm fine with alliterative names, I think that it's still too much. Plus it doesn't go with your sib-set either. It'd be much better as a middle name options than a first name.
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    I think Oliver sounds fine with your last name. Sure, both start with Ol- but they have different sounds (Oliver is ahl- and Olson is ol' [like good ol' days]).

    I don't care for Oliver in your set though. I prefer Luka, which is the Eastern European spelling of Luca and more in line with Eva and Dimitri. Luka Oliver?
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    I love Oliver, and Oliver Olson doesn't sound too much to me. It has a nice ring to it, personality. If you love it, go for it and don't worry.

    Good luck!

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    I don't think the name is too alliterative, but I do think it's a bit too popular/common compared to the siblings. It sounds like you decided to go with a 'tamer' name the third the around, and I really like your other kids' names and think you can find something that fits with them a little better.

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