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    I know two boys named Miles. One is the younger brother of a girl I go to school with, who is about ten. The other is my cousin's son, who is two. I live in the Washington D.C. area, but my cousin and her family live in the Midwest. I do not know any Declans.
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    I don't know any young people named Miles but in Olivia preschool class there is Declan. We live in northern QC

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    I live in England....

    I know 4 Declan's (26 y/o, 24 y/o, 21 y/o and 9 y/o) and just one boy named Miles and he's 25 y/o.

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    I'm in the Southeast and don't know any declans here, but knew a few in Ireland. My friend and her irish husband (also in the Southeast) are considering it for their baby.
    Don't know anyone named Miles.

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    I don't know anyone with either name. I'm from the mid-atlantic region of the US.

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