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    I'm in the capital of Canada, and I had never even heard of the name Declan until nameberry. I still honestly don't even understand the name, let alone the appeal.
    I know one Miles, and he is almost one year old.

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    I'm from NZ and have a cousin named Miles, he'd be in his mid/late 20's. Love the name actually and the nickname Milo too. Milo would not really be a great nickname for someone in NZ though, or Sth Africa or Australia either I don't think!

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    I know a Miells said the same and there was a Declan on x factor here a few years ago. I'm in Australia

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    I'm on the east coast of the US and know two Declans under the age of 5. No kids named Miles though. I love the name Declan and if it didn't rhyme with our last name, it would totally be on our short list. Declan definitely feels like one we'll be seeing more of -- in our area at least. Doesn't stop me from loving it, though. So handsome and fresh -- I just adore it. Hope this helps!

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    I live in Minnesota and I know of only one Miles who is now 16 or 17. Never heard of a Declan.
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