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    Do you know anyone with these names and WHERE ARE YOU FROM?

    I noticed another poster ask a question about a name I also love and am seriously considering - Declan. She was asking what I am also asking: Do you know anyone with this name and what are their ages? I read some mixed feedback, some a little concerning, but no one indicated where they were from so basically the info was meaningless.

    I'm also interested to know about the name Miles.

    So, Declan and Miles. Do you know anyone with either of these names? If so, what are their ages and WHERE ARE YOU FROM?


    Please Note: I understand some people may not be comfortable sharing exactly where they're from. Just be as specific as you feel comfortable with. At the very least, the country would help. Or a certain region of the States if you don't feel comfortable actually naming your state.
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    I live in the Southwest US. I know several Miles under the age of 14. I don't think I've ever met a Declan... I'd like to, though.

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    I live in Australia. I've met boys and men named Declan and Miles.

    I don't think Declan is popular in America. It's an Irish name. It's moderately popular in Australia.
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    I am from northeast United States. I know a Miles who is ~30 and a Myles who is ~18. Never met a Declan.
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    I live in Illinois and I know a Miles he was born at the end of last year so he is about 5 months old now. I know a Declan that is 3 years old.
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