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    Out of your options I prefer Isla Faye.

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    I'm in the United States. Isla is not quite as common here. My five year old son adores the name, I'm not sure because I keep changing my mind.

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    I agree that, at least in the US, Isla will be mispronounced a lot.

    I like Audrey the best for you. It goes beautifully with Wesley.

    I like both middle name. Audrey Celeste might sound a tad better.
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    Since I can only pick one, it would have to be Isla Faye. (I like Aubrey and Audrey Faye as well.) I have to admit that I thought the pronunciation way E-la. No that I know it is eye-la, I really love it. I have never met an Isla or heard anyone say the name.

    For anyone considering the name, but fear that it is becoming too trendy, I know someone named Aili and she pronounces it eye-lee. I think it is lovely. A little Aili Faye would be absolutely adorable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliviasarah View Post
    Audrey Celeste is beautiful! That would be my #1.
    This is my favorite as well! Good luck!
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