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    Honoring a family member but not using her name - suggestions needed!

    A family member we'd like to honor had the difficult-to-use-now name Gay.

    Any suggestions on how we can honor her in our daughter's name?

    We'd thought of Gayle, but it feels so dated.

    Thanks for any and all ideas!

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    Elysia Beatrice Seraphina Eliska Aurora Milena Freya Cressida Magdalena Helena Nimue

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    Does she have a middle name? That's the way I'd go if I wanted to honor someone but didn't want to use their first name.

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    Abigail was my first thought. It sounds less dated than Gayle, and the nickname Abby is cute.

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    Or, you could just use the meaning, and name her Felicity which means happiness, as Gay means glad/lighthearted.
    or Joy?
    or Merry?

    Here's a whole list you could consider:

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