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    Ever isn't exactly my cup of tea -- I'd rather see Everett or Everest, or maybe Evan. In 2012, there were 87 girls and 126 boys who were named Ever. I think that a blogger used Ever on a girl last year and gave it a lot of publicity -- that's probably why some of us thought it was having a boom on girls (and when the 2013 numbers come out in May, we'll see if there has been a change). At any rate, Ever Lennox Reed does have a really nice sound and "flow" to it. It's a very nice combination, even if the particular names aren't my personal favorite.
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    I don't care for Ever. It just doesn't sound like a name to me. I like Everett and Evander nn Ever. However, Lennox Reed is an quite awesome pair. If these two names have special meaning, have you considered them for first names?
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    I pretty much agree with the pp. Ever is incomplete imo, and would be better as a nn for Everett. But at the end of day if you love it that's all that really matters.
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    I personally think that Evan or Everett would be better with Ever as a nickname.

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    I love Evander and Everett then just nn Ever. My son's name is Everett and we call him Evie and Ever a lot. Evander is less common though I think than Everett, and I think it flows great with your middles. Evander Lennox Reed. Both names have great meanings, and are strong handsome names for a man I think. Though I also like the suggestion of using Lennox Reed as his name. I think the nn Lenny is very cute. Good luck figuring things out. I'm in the same boat. My babies due date is here and he is still unnamed

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