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  • Annabelle Birdie

    13 21.31%
  • Clara/Claire Birdie

    30 49.18%
  • Charlotte Birdie

    20 32.79%
  • Nola Birdie

    15 24.59%
  • May Birdie

    2 3.28%
  • Olive Birdie

    7 11.48%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Oct 2013
    Annabelle Birdie, Claire Birdie, and Charlotte Birdie are all gorgeous. Annabelle Birdie being my favorite, although I prefer the spelling of Annabel Birdie.
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    Birdie is cute so it needs a no-frills name to offset that childish factor so Charlotte, Clara or Claire Birdie would be my three top picks.
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    I voted for Clara, but I think Nola works as well. I can only think of Charlie Parker when I see "Charlotte Birdie", which is great if you're a die-hard fan, but weird if you're not.

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    Charlotte Birdie got my vote. The longer, more "sensible" Charlotte paired with the fun & funky Birdie, makes for an adorable combo!
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    Clara Birdie is simply adorable together. Sounds like a photographer or brand of kids clothes or something
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