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    Matilda, Clementine & Tallulah are my favourites!

    I love the sound of Matilda Adelaide, Tallulah Adelaide and Clementine Leona...

    Lulu, Millie, Lola and Lila are too nicknamey for me

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    Many of your first names have l's in them so they don't flow well with your mn's of Leona and Adelaide. I think these are the only ones that I would choose from your list.

    Ruby Adelaide - the best option for flow!
    Clementine Leona - I had to find a name for Leona!
    Violet Adelaide - not ideal with the l's but you wanted a top 3.
    All the best,

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    Ivy Adelaide
    Penelope Leona
    Hazel Leona

    Ruby is a close 4th, almost beat out Hazel, but I'm not sure about either mn with Ruby.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    From this list, Hazel, Penelope, and Violet for me! Although I like Ruby and Zola, too (although I prefer Zora, Zara, Zoya, or Zoe, personally...).

    Good luck!
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