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    Names like.....

    Although OH and I have similar naming styles, but we cannot agree on boy names! Girl names we have a few that we like (Amelia, Katie, Lucy), but boys names are a tougher issue.

    He likes - James, Jack, Luke, Jacob, Rory.

    I like - Harry, Liam, Oscar, Theo (my GP name is Sonny).

    We'd like a name that is similar to our name list that is quite relaxed? We have a rather large family but a few boy names that are definite no goes are... Callum, Leon, Kieran, Jason, Shaun, Ryan, Michael, Nathan, Adam, Ben, Tom, Peter, Paul, Alan, Anthony, Shane and Jenson.

    Any ideas please berries? Thank you
    TTC <3

    Ladies - Alice Victoria or Poppy Victoria
    Gents - *under construction *

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