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    Names Transitioning from GP to Favorites? Help?

    I have quite a few names from my guilty pleasures list that I am starting to like more and more, and might actually be adventurous to consider using. What do you all think of these names? Are they too out there/unusable?

    Harper and Hannah (GP because of popularity)
    Sylvie (Sylvia to dated to use?)
    Tallulah "Lula/Lulah"

    Names with * mean I would only use as a middle.

    In case you are wondering why some of the less crazy choices are on there, those are names that don't exactly go with my long traditional-but-not-boring names (Caroline, Penelope, Harrison, Russell)

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    Of your list I love Harper, Hannah, and Lincoln. I also like Nova (especially as a middle name) and Seraphina (which isn't so GP if you go with Sera for a nickname).

    Sylvie and Tallulah are too old-fashioned for my taste, and your other names are okay, just not my style I suppose. But none of them are horrendous or too strange, so if you like them, I say go for it!
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    I meant to but this in baby names! Oops! Sorrryyyyy!!!

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    I tend to think that pretty much anything goes as a middle name and Nova is lovely! There are two 18 year old Sylvias (one who's always called Sylvie) in my class and it fits them very well and doesn't seem too dated. I like Seraphina but you're right, sisters Caroline and Seraphina might be a little odd, although I think Seraphina and Penelope could work. My favourite from your list is definitely Tallulah though, I think it's beautiful and can fit with the other names you like, I can see a Tallulah, Penelope and Harrison sibset working really well!
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    I would consider all of them usable except Clover and Tallulah - I just can't picture those on a real adult woman. Other than that I think the rest could be taken seriously as first names.

    My absolute favorites are:
    Harper - though I would hesitate because of popularity as well
    Nova - Love this one as a middle but I have met one with this as her fn.
    Reeve - I prefer it without the 's'
    Seraphina - Like it better as a middle but pretty nonetheless.
    Sylvie/Sylvia - love them both!

    The rest are nice enough just not favorites of mine
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