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    Middle name for Hazel?

    Siblings are Silvia Lyn and Violet Jane.

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    Hazel Arwen/Adwen
    Hazel Blythe
    Hazel Beatrice
    Hazel Beata
    Hazel Diana
    Hazel Lydia
    Hazel Elaine
    Hazel Edita
    Hazel Eugenie
    Hazel Ginevra
    Hazel Honoria (I know it's a bit outrageous, but it would be too fantastic)
    Hazel Ilaria
    Hazel Maud
    Hazel Niamh
    Hazel Maeve
    Hazel May
    Hazel Octavia
    Hazel Serena
    Hazel Vivienne/Vivian/Vivien
    Hazel Sofia

    I got a bit carried away, sorry. But Silvia Lyn and Violet Jane are so beautiful, I just had to suggest about a million other options.

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    Does Hazel Lane work at all or just sound like a silly road sign? Lyn and Jane are family names so thats what we used for my older girls. Lyn and JAne combined make for a nice nod to sister connectedness / bond... but not sure if the end L in hazel works wih the beginning L of Lane.

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    Hazel May or Hazel Mae is sweet too. I have a grandma who is incredible. Her name is Eileen but shes not fond of her name. Hazel Eileen is nice meaning wise.

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