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Thread: Joss? POLL

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    Joss? POLL

    Hi all,

    Thought we were decided on Miranda Jean (last name 3 syl., starts with MC and ends with -uh sound) but we are bickering over the nn (DH wants Mira, I want Andi). I feel like we could still go with it, and just call her different nicknames, but we also agreed on another name... Jocelyn (she would be called Joss).

    Loving Joss but wanted to check opinions. It seems like -lyn names are very popular and trendy at the moment (whether they are "legitimate" or not) - any reservations with Jocelyn becoming outdated (especially if she is always called Joss)?? Which do you like better?

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    I like both names but i like miranda a little more. I think miranda sounds better with the middle name.

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    I have only met male Jocelyns/Josses and so would go Miranda - Miranda Jean would be my personal choice, just as the flow and lack of alliteration (which I do love sometimes!) makes a huge difference.
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    Jocelyn Jean is lovely!
    My 5yo cousin is a Jocelyn (she gets Jojo mostly, Jojie, Jodge, sometimes Joss) but I definitely don't think it sounds trendy. If anything I think it's quite ageless, since it's such an old name despite following current trends. The only other Jocelyn I know is in her 20s.

    Miranda Jean is pretty, but feels quite dated to me. Not a bad thing, but my choice would still be Jocelyn.
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    I adore Jocelyn nn Joss! Jocelyn Jean "Joss" easily gets my vote. It would be on my own list, if I weren't so against unisex names (Jocelyn is one of the few I love on girls, but I grew up with a unisex name, and pretty much hated it, so I've vowed not to give my daughter one, either). I've met several Jocelyns and they all seem to wear it well--it seems just as current today as it was 20 years ago, so I feel like it has staying power. It's a great name.

    Good luck!
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