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Thread: Naming A Family

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    Smile Naming A Family

    Hi Everyone,

    Husband and I are not pregnant but would like to consider some name options! We are both big fans of family name inspirations which are:

    Our favorite first names for Boys are:
    Rhett (not for Rhett Butler, simply because we like the name) Wyatt

    Our favorite first names for Girls are:
    Vivian (or Vivienne)
    Scarlett (he likes this very much, but due to the Gone with the Wind associations - I will NOT have siblings named Rhett and Scarlett ha!)
    Caroline (a way to honor both Carter and Carolyn - family names)

    I am a huge fan of double middles. Right now we like (okay we love!) the idea of:
    Rhett Carter Ford (last name is 2 syllables and rhymes with "guest tray")
    Vivian (or Vivienne) Caroline Faith

    These are our top 2 picks for a boy and girl but I would like feedback from you fellow berries! Thank you so much!

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    I love both Rhett Carter Ford and Vivienne Caroline Faith! Both names are very southern.

    You have great family names to choose from, too!
    "Walter. That’s good. I’ve never known a little kid named Walter. It seems like an old man’s name, but I guess you have to start somewhere."

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    Thank you rowgeesee! I appreciate that! Our naming style tends to lean toward the south even though we're in the Midwest

    Have a nice day!

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    I also am crushing over Nola Juliette and Ruby Juliette. Having a hard time with what to choose for the one syllable second middle though! Thoughts?

    By the way Nola, for the town in Italy that invented church bells according to nameberry. While not a family name, like Ruby is, I feel that it is... because my Grandpa rang our church bells every Sunday before worship for all the years he was a member there. It has sentimental tie ins to my family tree

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    Rhett and Vivian would also be very 'Gone With the Wind' as Vivian Leigh played Scarlett O'Hara in the film.

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