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Thread: Denzel???

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    Is Denzel a one-man name? I'm not considering using it, but it occurred to me that in the year that I've frequented this forum I've never heard it mentioned. With all the Desmonds and Dexters and Hazels and snazzy Z names, I'd think he'd fit right in.

    What do you think? Does anyone love this name? Has anyone known a Denzel IRL?
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    Denzel is a one-man name, but the original Denzil is not. And outside of Cornwall I don't think there are any associations, good or bad, whatsoever. It's so uncommon that it's a blank slate.
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    Not really. I've met a few young Denzels, some pronounce it like the actor 'den-ZELL' while some are 'den-zill'. It's a handsome name and I wish I saw it more. I prefer 'den-zill' because of Denzel Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents

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    My uncle's name is Denzil, pronounced DEN-zle. It's a family name, I believe. He goes by Denny. I've never met or heard of anyone else with the name.
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