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    Just heard this name, had to share...


    Oh berries, I despair...
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    3,989 know, I would like to say that is the worst name ever, but the other day on a program called Judge Mathis (civil court show), there were two unrelated cases, one with a plantiff by the name of Shampayne, and one with the plantiffs being named Danyelle(mother) and Cyncere (son).

    Plus that, I believe Tawni/Tawny was used in a Disney show when my sister and I were younger, Sonny with a Chance, haha. It was like, the place where all the out there names Disney liked went.

    Chad Dylan Cooper

    See? Haha :P

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    Hmm. It's bad but I'm grateful it's not Torneelee or something like that. At the very least it's spelt correctly :/

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    I have to say... I quite like Tawny! I think of the Tawny Owl (not sure if you have those in US?) and so it makes me think it's a quirky nature name like Lark or Wren.

    But Tawny-Leigh is definitely too much! Oh dear.
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    I kinda like Tawny. I like Tansy (like the flower) more, but Tawny like the colour has such a warm, honeyed image.

    Leigh is never my taste, nor hyphenated names, but I could deal with Lee coming back as a middle name if it means fewer Roses and Graces.

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