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    Nov 2012
    Syracuse, NY
    DH: Bradley Michael
    DW: Cassie Leigh

    DD1: (17)
    Calla Daphne Rhea
    DD2: (17)
    Savannah Pippa Riley - Vannah
    DD3: (17)
    Keely Etta Josephine - Kee
    DS1: (15)
    James William Benedict - Jay
    DD4: (14)
    Veronica Tianna Malia - Ronnie
    DS2: (14)
    Jax Samuel Owen
    DS3: (12)
    Callum Ryan Hadley - Cal
    DD5: (10)
    Tatiana Jessamine Camille - Tia
    DS4: (9)
    Logan Evan Tanner
    DS5: (9)
    Tyler Carter Tatum - Ty
    DS6: (9)
    Theodore Gregory Xavier - Teddy
    DD6: (7)
    Bria Lilian Bea
    DS7: (6)
    Tate Victor Quinn
    DD7: (4)
    Shae Delaney Rita
    DD8: (3)
    Coco Lorelei Faith
    DS8: (3)
    Bailey Greyson Richard
    DD9: (3)
    Cleo Rhiannon Winnie
    DD10: (3)
    Valerie Lara Delia - Val
    DS9: (3)
    Vance Gerard Farley - Van
    DD11: (3)
    Ophelia Zoey Tay - Fifi
    DS10: (1)
    Wil Sampson Ajax
    BOYS: Gannon Joseph, Gage Henry or Henry Gage, and Wesley Jeremiah.

    GIRLS: Cambree Rose, Taylor Savannah, Gracie Ryan.

    OTHER: Jubilee Renee and Jason Bradley.
    Mackenzie Jade and Conrad Mason.

    The sun rises and sets with you.

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    Jan 2012
    LN: Graber

    DH: Kevin Michael
    DW: Emily Rayne

    DD/DD/DD: Amelia Piper Rhea, Katia Savannah Day, and Etta Kendall Lauren (17)
    DS: Nathaniel James Henry (15)
    DD/DS: Gretta Veronica Elea and Britton Fredrick Jax (14)
    DS: Rory Asher Quentin (12)
    DD: Sofie Bridget Camille (10)
    DS/DS/DS: Tanner Evan Orin, Gavin Carter Roy, and Theodore Ryder Julian (9)
    DD: Bria Olivia Hailey (7)
    DS: Tate Caleb Quinn (6)
    DD: Sadie Taryn Shae (4)
    DD/DS/DD/DD/DS/DD: Lucie Rachel Faith, Sanders Bailey Strength, Annalei Jorja May, Darcy Delia Valerie, Elias Farley Vance and Eliana Zoey Tay (3)
    DS: Penn Kevin Wil (1)
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    Oct 2013
    DH: Henry Willaim
    DW: Arabella Rose

    DD1: (17) Amelia Daphne Freya
    DD2: (17) Coralie Pippa Day
    DD3: (17) Lauren Samantha Etta
    DS1: (15) Henry William James
    DD4: (14) Talullah Amelie Gretta
    DS2: (14) Frederick Owen Michael
    DS3: (12) Callum Rory Patrick
    DD5: (10) Harriet Charlotte Cecily
    DS4: (9) Evan Douglas Jared
    DS5: (9) Ethan Zachary Jackson
    DS6: (9) Arthur Gregory Theodore
    DD6: (7) Delilah Bea Olivia
    DS7: (6) Victor Wallace Quinn
    DD7: (4) Isabella Katherine Elizabeth
    DD8: (3) Molly Rachel Lucie
    DS8: (3) William Richard Greyson
    DD9: (3) Cleo May Winnie
    DD10: (3) Winifred Lara Darcy
    DS9: (3) Gerard Elias Vance
    DD11: (3) Ophelia Zoey Eliana
    DS10: (1) Otto Wil Sampson

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    Feb 2013
    DH: William Alexander
    DW: Eleanor Christina

    DD1: (17) Emily Aurora Piper
    DD2: (17) Riley Savannah Day
    DD3: (17) Hannah Lauren Keely
    DS1: (15) Axel Henry James
    DD4: (14) Malia Tianna Amelie "Lia"
    DS2: (14) Owen Fredrick Ward
    DS3: (12) Patrick Ryan Callum
    DD5: (10) Camille Harriet Jessamine "Cam"
    DS4: (9) Evan Douglas Logan
    DS5: (9) Zachary Justin Tyler "Zach"
    DS6: (9) Theodore Timothy Xavier "Teddy"
    DD6: (7) Olivia Hailey Bea
    DS7: (6) Caleb Harvey Brooks
    DD7: (4) Isabella Delaney Shae "Izzy"
    DD8: (3) Melanie Rachel Faith "Mel"
    DS8: (3) Greyson William Fallon "Grey"
    DD9: (3) Winnie Rhiannon May
    DD10: (3) Valerie Lara Mauve "Val"
    DS9: (3) Gerard Ulysses Keane
    DD11: (3) Zoey Ophelia Tay
    DS10: (1) Kevin Otto Sampson

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