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Thread: Calla?

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    I LOVE CALLA. It's on my short list. I find it fresh, youthful, but also strong. I think it'll age very well. It's also one of the more obscure flower names, and I'm surprised I haven't heard it so much. A sort of vintage gem. Nickname Cal is also fun.

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    I also love Calla. It's just youthful and she will grow into it. It would be long time before it would seems weird, since Calla can suit a college student or young adult and once she is old, no one will blink an eye.

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    I think whirligig's description hit the nail on the head--youthful but not childish. I could see it aging well. It's not quite substantial enough for the FN spot for my taste, but still gorgeous, and I like seeing it around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whirligig View Post
    I think it sounds youthful but not cutesy. The a ending gives it a more 'adulty' edge than an ie ending.
    This describes Calla nicely!
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    Calla is a newer crush. I love the sound! It's beautiful, but simple. I think it will age fine, and it has Callie for a girly nickname and Cal if she's more tomboyish.
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