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    Best way to get these nicknames...

    We are loving Annie & Andi right now for nicknames...

    We like Anne & Annabelle as a way to get Annie, are there any other ways to get to Annie?

    Also we really like Andi, but we don't like Andrea, which is all we can think of to get Andi...ideas?
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    Andromeda for Andi is my favorite!
    Andoline, Angeline/a, Anwen, Adrienne, Almandine, Amandine, Candida, Candita, Candia, Orlandia, Pandita, Pandora, Sandira, Thandiwe, or Bandit if you want to get edgy

    For Annie there are SOOO many options:
    Alannis, Annabeth, Angel/Angeline/Angelina, Anwen, Annika, Annia, Annisa, Anniston, Ayanna, Bryony, Brittany, Danielle/Danica (Dani/Annie), Francine/Francis/Francesca (Frannie/Annie), Gianni, Ivannia, Luannie, Roxanne, Stephanie, and Yannina

    Xanthe might also work for Annie, and a stretch to Andi is Dorothea
    Madison, 13, teenberry, writer, and dreamer
    Elizabeth Verona (Evie), Aurora Lea (Rorie), Briar Magdalene, Seraphine Dahlia, Annabeth Violet, Elysia Quinn, Stella Rose, Freya Maeve, Gwendolyn Saige

    Micah Haley, Donovan Reece, Judah Matthew, Niall Maddox, Fabian Luca, Nikolai Roan, Alexei Noble, Tobin Porter, Theo Xavier

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    I like Alexandra for Andi and I also like Landry & Alondra

    For Annie I like Anneliese & Anwen so far...

    Thanks for the suggestions ... Keep them coming!!

    Also we have considered Winnie also, so if anyone has suggestions for a full name for Winnie, let me know!
    Proud mom to 2 fantastic boys :: Seth Willis & Flynn Thomas

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