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    Which Weird Name?

    In other words, could you please rank these? And why did you rank them like you did?

    Rowena "Ro"
    Coming back after a long, accidental hiatus from the site.

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    Paloma -- I think this is so lovely
    Elizabeth -- classic and beautiful, prefer Elisabeth spelling.
    Ceridwen -- Intriguing, different, love the references
    Esme -- not my style, but from here on the list gets very far away from my style and well into not liking so much.
    Rowena -- Not bad, just sounds … a little malicious to me for some reason.
    Tansy -- Cute. It would be more accessible for me if I didn't associate it with the invasive weed here.
    Prunella -- Pru is a cute nickname, but then there's Prune in there which isn't very flattering.
    Tippi -- very nicknamey and cutesy. Reminds me of Pippi.
    Charity, Delight, Hopeful -- all these are equally disliked. Delight sounds like something you'd find for the name of a desert on a diner menu (Brownie Delight!) and Hopeful I prefer as just Hope. Hopeful is an adjective and with some rare exceptions I only think word names should be nouns. Otherwise it's too descriptive. My favorite virtue name is Clarity.

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    I love pretty much all of these!

    Esme - love this, probably the only one I'd consider using. However it's really popular in the UK so I wouldn't.
    Tippi - LOVE Tippi! Such a guilty pleasure of mine, it reminds me of Tippi Hedren obviously but also of this little girl
    Tansy - growing up my aunt's dog was named Tansy, and as lovely as she was, this is slightly tainted for me now. I do think it's pretty though, and I'd suggest Tamsin?
    Ceridwen - pretty and Welsh
    Paloma - reminds me of Paloma Faith, love this.
    Elizabeth - a bit dull but lovely. I'm really liking Betsan at the minute, and love it's other nicknames
    Rowena "Ro" - I know a few Rowenas, I really like it. Ro is adorable.
    Prunella - I love this for some reason, it sounds incredibly old-fashioned English to me... like country gardens and eve's pudding.

    Charity - NO.
    Delight - NO.
    Hopeful - NO.
    olivia - eighteen (finally!), england but sometimes canada. i like names, film & philosophy.
    i'm desperately maternal! some beloved ideas;

    Emmett CrispinRosemary Oona (Romy)
    Wilfred Jack (Wilfie) ○ Sibyl Georgia (Billie) ○ Rufus EoghanMavis MargaretEdgar AlecMaude Evangeline Hugh Baez (Hughie) ○ Fenella Briar (Nell)

    crush: eudelia !

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    Rowena "Ro" I also like Rowie.
    Paloma I like, but it's a cocktail.

    Ceridwen Like it, but I wouldn't use unless part of my heritage.
    Tippi Like it as a NN, but I'd want a full name.
    Prunella Nah. Prunella from Arthur was snobby.
    Tansy Again, needs a full name.
    Elizabeth Bores me.

    Hopeful just no.

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    The usability of the names on your lists varies considerably.

    First Names

    Esme - soft, feminine and magical
    Elizabeth - classic and timeless with loads of nn options
    Paloma - lovely Spanish name with a wonderful meaning of "dove" (symbol of peace)
    Rowena "Ro" - an underused Welsh charmer
    Ceridwen - another Welsh gem

    Middle Name Only

    Charity - dated
    Delight - this word comes with sexual connotations
    Hopeful - strange for a first name. Hope maybe but Hopeful?
    Tansy - too cutesy

    Nickname Only

    Tippi - a good name for a baby but not suitable for an adult


    Prunella - a frilly dressing up of the word "Prune" wouldn't make a girl feel any more attractive.
    All the best,

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