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Thread: Twins

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    My husband and I don't know the sexes of our twins yet, but have already picked out 2 boys names. Our problem is girl names. We can't find a single one we both like and agree on. I am Swedish and am looking for scandanavian names that can also work in the USA. Right now we need two girls and then also between those names which one we would pair with our boy name of Viggo (in case it's 1 boy and 1 girl). Any suggestions?! FYI DH does not like Elin (which I love). I also really like Ingrid, but he's not crazy about it. I love Freya, but DH says no F names for girls. We both like Sanna, but are worried it won't be pronounced correctly here. Thanks!

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    I had a student named Malin (prn Mah-lin for those not familiar) last year, and I definitely think it works in the US. Especially with actress Malin Ackerman. I loved her and I loved her name!
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    I like Sari, Eeva, Riita, and sorry I'm not familiar w/more names from that region. Thora? I wouldn't worry so much about pronunciation issues--people can be corrected/educated.

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    Is Sanna like Anna with an s? If so, I think pronunciation would be fine. Viggo and Sanna is cute!

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    Astrid is a lovely name but there is easily made fun of in a very bad way.... But I'm not sure how much you are worried about that. Sanna probably won't be pronounced correctly...but I'm not sure how much that means to you. Depending on where you live people will likely have trouble with pronouncing most traditional Swedish names properly, even with reminding and even with effort but if you don't mind a something close...I'd recommend maybe choosing something that you like pronounced both the Swedish way and the local American way. Americans don't pronounce our common names the same either mostly. Like Helena, which has 3 valid ways of being pronounced. Or Clara, which has 2 American pronunciations Klara is a variation that people wouldn't bat an eye at but would probably misspell. Ingrid is a nice name and familiar here. Alice is #1 in Sweden and popular but not overly common here. Also one of the names with a common American pronunciation.

    Names to consider that aren't too unfamiliar to American ears...but the more vowels the more likely the mispronunciation. Stars indicate names that have a fairly standard pronunciation much that compares to the Swedish I wouldn't know.

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