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    Possisble twin girl names!

    Thought i woudl post here too as its girls baby name thread!!

    Posting on behalf of a friend..

    She already has 2 boys Ryan & Callum and is a twin herself and keeps having vivid dreams of having 2 little auburn haired little girls

    she likes the names Ashalia (Ah- shal-ee-uh) & Malania/Melenia (Muh- lan- ee-uh) nicknames would be Asha & Ania (said Anya or Enia Said Enya depending on spelling)

    She also likes the names Tamryn, Niquita (nikita but a diff spelling) Nevaeh, Suri and and names like Grace & faith

    She has a double barrelled surname letters of that are G-J and she likes the idea of 2 middle names.

    What would you suggest obviously she is not yet pregnant but is seriously thinking of names. and she isn't even starting on boys name !!

    Thanks in advance.

    * p.s she DOES have an account but cannot access it on her mobile. so i am asking on behalf of her until she can get an app or a new computer! *
    Dani, (U.K Mumma) Love my kidlets Bailey & Liberty {step mum to angel Calium 17/4/02-25/06/02} <3 K.P.T <3

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    (G) Peyton, Ashealia, Madalynn, Ksenia, Genevieve, Isabeau, Talia, Marnie, Wynter, Sofia, Emery, Aria, Avalon, Nova, Luna, Elyse, River, Myka, Bonnie, Gracelyn (combo mine & my mums name)

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