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    Red face Top 5! Rate Them!

    Crazy to think that I only have 9 weeks to go! I'm so ridiculously excited. This is a little repetitive from my longer list, so thank you for bearing with me!

    Probably obvious, but #1 being your favorite...

    Ava Venezia*
    Calla Venezia
    Clementine Venezia -- nn Em / Emme or Ty. Tiny or Lemon when she's little maybe.**
    Fiona Venezia
    Luella Venezia -- nn Lu / Lulu

    *Venezia -- veh-NETZ-ee-uh, Italian for Venice. Family name/Honoring.

    **Overall I'm not a nickname person, so they'd be once in awhile and more convenience based like "Let's go Lulu". (Okay, I might use Lulu a bit more, especially when she's little because it's so cute ).

    Thank you!

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    1 Luella Venezia -- nn Lu / Lulu
    2 Calla Venezia
    (1 and 2 are basically tied for first, I love both)
    3 Clementine Venezia -- nn Em / Emme or Ty. Tiny or Lemon when she's little maybe.
    4 Ava Venezia
    5 Fiona Venezia
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    1 Clementine Venezia - I like names to have different endings and this is the only one that doesn't end in "a".
    2 Luella Venezia - if you have to have a fn ending in "a" this one is my favourite. I like how smoothly it rolls off the tongue.
    3 Ava Venezia - Ava is so overused and this combo has one too many v's
    4 Calla Venezia - this looks like a destination or a street name
    5 Fiona Venezia- The Celtic Fiona seems mismatched with the Italian mn
    All the best,

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    1 Luella Venezia - I really love this one
    2 Ava Venezia
    3 Calla Venezia
    4 Fiona Venezia
    5 Clementine Venezia - I prefer the double A sounds the other names have
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    I don't like Clementine or Luella and Ava is a bit overused so I'd have to go with Fiona or Calla. Out of these two I prefer Fiona as its softer and more feminine sounding. But saying that I don't like that both the fn and the mn end in an -a sound, hmm...
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