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    One, maybe two. Boyfriend is an only and I'm one of two. I wouldn't mind just having one kiddo I think... A family of three sounds so compact and portable!! Plus I have a fairly expensive and time consuming habit (horses) which I find pretty crucial to my happiness/mental well being, so more than one would be a real strain financially/time wise.

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    I'm the oldest of 2. I want 3 kids right now, but that might change by the time I'm old enough to actually have them. I'd love to have at least 1 son and 1 daughter.
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    Ideally, I want three children (two girls and one boy), although I would be happy with two as well (one of each gender). I'm an only child so know what's like, and would want my future children to grow up with someone as well as their parents.
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    I would love to have at least 3, with 4 being ideal and 5 being the max. I'm the oldest of two and my sister and I are super close, basically best friends. I speak for both of us when we say that we wish we had another sibling or two. She wanted a younger sister and I wanted an older brother lol.

    Four would be the perfect number for me. I don't care about the division of the sexes, so long as it's not all of one gender. My mother and father are both one of four, with my mom being one of four girls and my dad being one of four boys. Neither really learned how to interact with the opposite sex very well and that was an issue when it came to Dad raising two daughters. I definitely want both boys and girls, though I lean more towards the boy side, especially for the first few.

    But when it comes down to it, I'd accept any number God wants to give me, be they biological or otherwise
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    I toss back and forth over this: I would love to have a large family, but my dad was from a large family, and I hear the horror stories about that constantly. Realistically, I would love one or two children. I am one of two, but there is a 10 year gap between my sister and I, so I know what it was like to be an only child. I think it would be lovely to do the same thing with my future children. My sister and I are best friends, and while another sibling would have been lovely, I don't know if we would have had the same bond.

    I feel like with one of two children, I would be capable of giving them the love and attention they deserve. Kudos to anyone with a large family, I'm not saying they cannot provide enough love for their children, I'm just saying I don't know if I could do the same. My grandparents sort of barely knew their own children because they had so many and didn't really spend much time with any of them, except for one, and I am terrified of doing the same thing. So, I think one or two, but however many come along, I would be incredibly grateful and love them all.
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