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    Help on how to honor my grandfather

    My grandfather was one of the most influential people in my life. He died last May of lung cancer. His name was Larry Joe... Pretty boring right? He hated his name and never let my mom name any of my siblings after him. I want to come up with some cooler options from his name. So far I have some, but a lot of concerns about them all...

    • Lawrence- I feel like this is just TOO dated to use, but I do sort of like it.
    • Jonah- Although it flows with many of my favorites, I am just not crazy about Jonah.
    • Law- I really really love Law, but is it too out there to use?
    • Lauren- I would only use this as a middle, and I feel like it is/has been too popular for me.
    • Wren- The only one on the list I absolutely love. I would rather use it as a first name, but compared to all of my other favorites, it seems too nicknamey and short (I like names like Penelope, Genevieve, Harrison, and Porter). If I used it, would it be awkward with her hypothetical siblings?

    Any other suggestions on how to honor him would be great!

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    Josephine Lauren?

    Law is really cool, I don't think it's too out there.

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    I like Lawrence, Law would make a great nn for it.

    Since you seem not overly keen on Lawrence, how about Lawson?
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    From your list I like Jonah and Wren the best. What about Larsen, Lawson, Joel, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Joshua, Joanna, Jodie, Jocasta, Jocelyn, Joella, Jolie, Josette, Joy/Joyce, Lara, Larissa, Laura, or Laurel.

    You could always just use his initials, LJ.
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    I hope this helps!
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    I think Lawson is a great alternative!
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