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    1. A few months after you graduated high school you are engaged to your highschool sweetheart! How old were you when you graduated and what is your finance name?

    2. One year later you get married and you go on your honeymoon, when do you go?

    3. After your honeymoon you found a house of your dreams and you got a dog. What does your house look like and what type of dog did you get?

    4. 2 years later you discovered you are pregnant with twins! A boy and a girl
    The boys initials are AJ and the girls initials are JR.

    5. The twins are now 2 years old and you and your husband decide to try for another baby and a couple weeks later you are pregnant and you are expecting another baby boy. His initials EH.

    6. The twins are now 5 and your baby boy is 3 and now you are wanting to have another girl so you and your spouse try again for a baby but you end up pregnant with a boy. His initials are DC.

    7. Your kids are now 7, 5 and 2 and you are really wanting to have a girl and decided to adopt a newborn baby. Her first name must be a flower name and her middle name must be a virtue name.

    8. 3 weeks after you bring the newborn baby home you are feeling a bit sick and you just think it is from stress but you go to the doctor to get a checkup and he announces that you're pregnant with triplets. 2 girls and 1 boy. So you have 8, 6, 3 and a 10 month old. 1 girl's initials are SM, 2 girl's initial are KL and the boy's first name is your favorite name and his middle must be after your father or father-in-law.
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