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    Rebecca, Mary, Marie, Magdalena, Eve, Rachel, Esther, Sarah are all names of relatives we don't want to name our children after

    Gideon informed us that even though we want to pronounce Levi as LAY-vee, most people would pronounce it like the jeans, Gideon has a friend at basketball with the same problem, I do like the name but I'm not in the mood to correct people all the time.
    And the more I look at Seth the more I dislike it (must be hormones since I always was quite fond of this name, but since I have several other nice boy names on the list I'm letting it go)
    Another name that has been voted of the list is Simon.
    The older kids said the name is great, but unfortunately it was also the name of a cousin who bullied them a few years ago.

    My husband really likes how Phoebe & Philemon sound together. I agree it really flows. But I'm not sure I want our twins to have the same first initial, we have two older sets of twins and there names don't start with the same first initial (Jason & Daniel, Hannah & Ethan)

    We are friends with a family with a son named Ruben, who also have a daughter named Hannah, even with different ages it can get confusing, another family we are friends with have a teenage daughter named Hannah and a toddler named Ethan, way different ages than our own Hannah & Ethan, but still confusing when your calling out for your kids.
    We are thinking Reuben would be too confusing, so Reuben is also of the list.

    Aaron on the other hand is a different story. I would love to name a boy after my own younger brother. But we also have a close friend named Aaron, we see him and his family quite often since we go to the same church and their daughter and Abigail are the same age and love playing together (Abby is one month older than Lily)
    He's a great guy and almost family.
    But still, I'm not sure. For now Aaron stays on our list, just let us know what you think.

    for 2 girls we are quite set on
    Phoebe Susanna & Michaela/Mikayla (nn Micah/Myka) Zakiah
    We aren't sure about the spelling for Michaela/Mikayla yet, we lean mostly to Michaela (we are sure it's not going to be McKayla, the little bit of Scottish in me really hates Mc-'Girl-names')

    Michael was a younger brother of my husband, sweet man. Died in a shooting accident a few years ago (Michael was working on the barn, some guys were shooting at empty cans and a stray bullet hit Michael in the back, he died instantly)
    We don't want to use it as a boys name since we know quite a few men and boys named Michael (few in church, colleagues of my husband, friends of the kids, kids in the same baseball/basketball/soccer team, father of friend etc.)

    Phoebe Susanna & Philemon Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Samuel Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Aaron Thaddeus

    Samuel Thaddeus & Aaron Philemon
    Samuel Thaddeus & Asher Philemon
    Samuel Philemon & Aaron Thaddeus
    Samuel Philemon & Asher Thaddeus

    I think we are getting closer on a final selection

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    Quote Originally Posted by saramee View Post
    14 children and twins on the way! You should have your own TV show.
    Like the Duggars? No thank you, we like our life just as it is.
    Large families aren't so rare as some people think, there are quite a lot out there. But most of the large families don't want all that media attention and like a quiet life.

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    What about Tzipporah or any of its variants? Or perhaps Sephora if you're looking to make it a bit accessible? Or even Tzippa as a shorter version? I really love this name in all its forms lol. But if honoring your husband's brother is very important to you, I'd go with Michaela as it's both more classic and closer to the masculine spelling.

    Also, if you've vetoed Simon, how about Simeon? I personally find it more interesting than its counterpart.

    Good luck with 16 kids! You have my respect for that lol.

    A teenberry in boarding school and dreaming of names...
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    My vote for boy/girl twins would be Samuel Thaddeus. I think that double Ph/Ph names are a little much and I generally prefer the name Samuel to Aaron. For boy/boy twins my vote would be Samuel Thaddeus (I think the repeated L sounds in Samuel Philemon doesn't flow as well as Samuel Thaddeus) and Asher Philemon (I think the repeated N sounds in Aaron Philemon doesn't flow as well as Asher, although only by a hair).

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    I like both of these a lot!
    Phoebe Susanna & Aaron Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Levi Thaddeus

    I'm not super fond of Michaela, especially with all your other names, but I prefer it to Shifra
    Phoebe Susanna & Michaela Zakiah

    Levi Thaddeus & Asher Philemon - this is definitely my favorite
    Seth Philemon & Aaron Thaddeus - these 2 are nice as well
    Levi Thaddeus & Aaron Philemon

    what about?
    Phoebe Susanna & Bethany Zakiah
    Phoebe Susanna & Rhoda Zakiah
    Phoebe Susanna & Talitha Zakiah
    Olivia/Livia/Livy/Liv : Thessaly/Darah/Bethel : Noelle/Eve
    Benedict/Eli: Jude/Zane: Luke/Darius : Levi/Phineas/Calvin

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