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Thread: Faye spelling

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    Faye spelling

    We've decided on the name Audrey...I'd say we are 90% certain that's the name and I'm happy that it has really grown on my husband. Only reason I don't say 100% is because I suppose you never know until you see the baby We both really like the name Faye as a middle but my husband thinks Fae looks better paired with Audrey. What do you think?

    Audrey Faye
    Audrey Fae
    Audrey Fay?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorceress View Post
    If you though it's good idea to spell Faye - Faye in the title, then it's probably the good idea to spell Faye - Faye in every occasion.

    I do prefer the spelling Faye myself but I just chose it for the title as I assumed it was the most common spelling DH thinks it looks odd with a Y in the first and middle name though.

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    I love Faye! It is on my list and I prefer it spelled this way.
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    While I like Faye better in general, Audrey Faye somewhat bothers me.
    I suppose it's due to the -y being a rare letter in names (at least here) so it's very present, especially since both names have an ey/ye in them.
    So looking at it, I prefer Audrey Fae.

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