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    Name The Babies! G1R3

    Family #1

    Chastity and Ethan Bate welcomed their second son a few years ago, but felt like their family was a bit empty. They started trying for a third child, and quickly discovered that Chastity was pregnant! Weeks later, at a scheduled appointment, Ethan and Chastity learned that they'd be having a third baby boy! Chastity wants her son's name to begin with a C like his brothers', and Ethan would like him to have two masculine middle names.

    DS: Camden Sylvan Concord (invisiblestudent)
    DS: Conner Henry Truman (emitheduckling)

    Family #2

    Olivia and Carlton Collins are the parents of boy/girl twins, and a younger daughter. They discovered that Olivia was pregnant, and have decided that this baby will be their last, as it's their second unplanned pregnancy. The three children's names begin with A,B and C, and Liv and Carl want this baby to continue the trend and begin with a D. This little girl will be born soon, and need a name. Her D name should be short, and her middle name should be long and elegant.

    DS/DD: Ari Alexander/ Bay Evangeline (smaugthestupendous)
    DD: Cora Novalie (claraoswinoswald)

    Family #3

    Chantal and Erick Hamilton are finally having a son! He will join two older sisters, Celia and Charlotte. His name should also begin with a C, and his father would like one of his middle names to begin with an E, and for the other one to be very masculine.

    DD: Celia Sage Josephine (jinglebelldaisy)
    DD: Charlotte Emmeline Eve (emitheduckling)

    Family #4

    Kyla and Adam Albert are welcoming a second son! He will join an older brother and sister. Like his siblings, his first name should begin with K, and his middle name should be biblical.

    DS: Kolby Jude (alyssalorraine)
    DD: Kiera Rachel (invisiblestudent)

    Family #5

    Christina and Richard Dominic are ecstatic to be welcoming their fourth baby, another son! His name should be short and masculine, and he should have two long, Scandinavian middle names.

    DS/DS: Milo Nicklas Rune/ Merrick Sune Odin (claraoswinoswald)
    DS: Niall Timoteus Roald (peacheysmiles)

    Family #6

    Mackenzie and Alex Hampton are getting the baby girl they've longed for! She'll be joining two older brothers, so they want her to have femininity in her name. She should have a long, beautiful, feminine first name, and a slightly more feminine unisex middle.

    DS: Max Eliot (peacheysmiles)
    DS: Derek Riley (invisiblestudent)
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