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    Vivienne and Violette - yes
    Caleb and Cara - maybe
    Berkley and Brooklyn (girls) - never. ever. ever.

    Georgia and Gemma
    Florence and Felicity
    Cecily and Cordelia
    eighteen, no babies yet, but thinking about;

    ~Tillie, Myrtle, Bessie, Millie, Minnie, Louisa, Amelie, Elsie, Ethel, Florence, Doris, Nellie
    Agatha, Mildred, Lillian, Eleanor, Florrie, Betsy, Violet, Esme, Daisy, Poppy, Martha, Beatrice~

    ~Neville, Matthew, Richard, Ernest, Alfie, Thomas, Walter, Louis, Christopher, Henry, Harry
    James, Albert, Joshua, Percy, Freddie, Andrew, George, Kit, Edward, Mark, Kieran, Emery, Tristan~

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    Georgia and Gemma - yes
    Florence and Felicity - maybe
    Cecily and Cordelia - no

    Freya and Francesca
    Haven and Heath
    Eloise and Elena
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett

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    Freya and Francesca — Maybe.
    Haven and Heath — No (love Heath, though!)
    Eloise and Elena — Yes.

    David and Daniel
    Cecil (SEE-Suhl) and Cecilia (Seh-SEEL-ia)
    Owen and Oliver
    -Caroline Gabrielle K.



    Augustine "Auggie", Theodore "Theo", George, Benjamin (Ben, Benjie, Benny), Francis "Frankie", Hamish.
    Evangeline "Annie", Eloise / Elizabeth "Ella", Kathleen "Katie / Kate",

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    David and Daniel yes
    Cecil (SEE-Suhl) and Cecilia (Seh-SEEL-ia) no
    Owen and Oliver yes

    Callie & Cassie
    Calix & Caleb
    Nixon & Nate
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    Close friends are truly life's treasures.
    Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves.
    With gentle honesty, they are there to guide
    and support us, to share our laughter and our tears.
    Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.
    - Vincent van Gogh

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