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    sweet, nature name for boy

    Hi all!

    We are due with a baby boy this July and are so stuck with names! I've searched and searched and cannot find something that my husband and I will ever agree upon. I'm afraid this baby will be born nameless!

    My husband likes very classic names (Peter, Sean) which I dislike with a passion - and I like bohemian, nature sounding names (Indigo, River). We are both at a crossroads since we can't seem to find something that will fit the both of us! How do you ever mix these two styles together?!

    We already have a little boy named Finnegan (Finn) Michael and we just adore his name. I will admit it took some convincing on my husband's part to go with Finnegan, but in the end we both adore it. Had this little one been a girl, we would have most likely named her Clementine which seemed like a very good mix of classic and nature - but boys are a little harder to do this with!

    Does anyone have any ideas on names that are sweet and nature loving, but still with a classic feel? HELP!

    Thanks so much!
    momma to sweet finnegan michael
    lover of all things nature

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    Nora ~ Alice ~ Esmé ~ Elise ~ Lucy ~ Fiona ~ Grace ~ Rose ~ Vivienne ~ Evelyn ~ Genevieve

    Henry ~ Patrick ~ George ~ James ~ Oliver ~ Theodore ~ Joseph ~ Lucas ~ Atticus ~ Isaac ~ Thomas

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    Kai has many meanings depending on the ethnic background, but one or more is related to water.
    In addition to Kai! what about:
    Cyrus, it's meaning is related to the sun
    I think River would be a handsome middle name.
    Juneau or Junot
    Marshall ...means someone who cares for horses
    Silvan ( color or color like names can work )
    Any place name could be an option, like Cyprus, Dakota, Prescott, Denver, etc
    Channing means to resemble a wolf cub

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    Does anyone have any ideas on names that are sweet and nature loving, but still with a classic feel? HELP!

    Thanks so much![/QUOTE]

    I think that Heath fits the bill nicely.

    Or you may be interested in Lachlan which I think is a wonderful name, it is one of my favourites and means land of lochs (lakes).

    Best wishes

    Psalm 23

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