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    Suggestions for my short list?

    I have a short list of names I really love, though I would like some more suggestions and feedback on the names.

    So far I've come up with;

    India Elisabeth- Love this, but I'm worried that it would be weird on a pasty white Swedish kid.
    Seraphina Hope
    Maura Eleanor - I like it, but I'm not so sure about the middle

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    I love Seraphina Hope.

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    I would go with Seraphina Elisabeth. Not a fan of India, Hope, or Maura. I like Eleanor, but it doesn't flow with Maura. Alternatively, I'd consider Mira Eleanor or Mira Elisabeth.

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    What about Maura Elisabeth? <love the elisabeth spelling >

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    Seraphina Hope is your best combo. India Elisabeth is very nice too, but as of lately I've found India to be a bit colonial... Maura isn't my cup of tea. Does it have to work in Swedish as well?

    Ramdom suggestions:
    Seraphina Elise
    Elena Maeve
    Indira Hope/Pearl
    Eleanor/Eleonora Mae
    Maeve Seraphina
    Elise Leonora
    Leonie Hope/Safina
    Eliza Mae
    Sofia Eleonora
    Elodie Hope
    Elsa/Ella Seraphina
    Maisie Elisabeth
    Leona Seraphine
    Ophelia Hope
    Adele Seraphina
    Maya/Maja Elisabeth
    Eloise Adelina
    Mae Leonora
    Ellie/Elsie Seraphina
    Adele Magnolia
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    among others

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