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    STUCK. Adele or Violet

    Adele: My husband is very much in love with the name Adele, which I love too. It is a sweet simple name with an old fashion feel & is still wildly underused. I am slightly hesitant for two reasons.. It's a little TOO simple & I fear everyone is going to think we named her after a pop star.

    Violet: I LOVE the name Violet. Simple sweet and old fashion... But with a little more edge to it. Maybe it's the "V"? I also love the association of flowers/gardening. All of the women on both sides of our family love to garden. My husband is not too keen on this name. But had not taken it off the table.. or I should say he did, but he let me put it back on

    Which do you prefer, and why?

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    Both names are lovely so it depends on the mn and surname.

    Adele is sweet and pretty and has a lovely literary connection (Mr Rochester's ward in Jane Eyre). Violet is a vintage flower name with a little sass. If your husband doesn't like Violet, then I would go with Adele. Is Adele Violet a combo option or have you decided to use another name in the middle spot?
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    I agree with Mischa. Adele is so pretty and sweet, and I honestly don't think most people would think you named your daughter after a pop star.
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    I personally prefer Violet because the bully at my high school was named Adele so that's given the name a bad association for me. I have Violet on my list and I love Mischa's suggestion of using Adele Violet as a first and middle name combination.
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    I like both, though I prefer Violetta over Violet. Perhaps Adele Violetta or Adela Violet?

    If you think Adele is a little too simple, perhaps Adela or Adelina with the nickname Adele? You could also be more gutsy with your middle name choice with a more simple first name:

    Adele Clementine
    Adele Temperance
    Adele Magnolia
    Adele Cosima
    Adele Primrose
    Adele Astoria
    Adele Scotia

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