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    Aug 2012
    Northeastern USA

    Quirky CAF with 6 choice banks

    Surname: You choose
    Street: Boysenberry Blvd. / Rocky Road. / Coffeecake Condominiums / Apple Jacks Ave.
    County: Starburst / Kitkat / Cosmopolitan / Crabapple / Cordelia / Cambria / Cypress

    Pet: Dragonfly, Seahorse, Ladybug, Miniature Pony, Frog, Dolphin, Hedgehog (choose however many you'd like)
    Color of your fantasy vehicle: Pink, Purple, Blue, Silver, Gold, Teal, Aqua, Red, Black, White

    Color of your residence: White, Light Grey, Buttercream, Pastel Blue, Pale Pistachio

    When choosing names, feel free to choose more than one middle.

    Parent1: Ashford Brockton Audric Demetrius Broderick Bretton
    Mn: Alaric Indio Jacoby Morrison Tiernan Vladimir

    parent2: Thora Tavia Tierney Gaia Clea Ianthe
    Mn: Peridot Ruthann Lark Larkin Emerald Brienne

    Son: Japheth Zephan Zephaniah Octavian Mateus
    Mn: Maxim Torrance Jeffco Lynx Lysander Quartz

    Daughter: Larue Libby Cade Alexius Iselin Garland
    Mn: Arianwen Damaris Etienne Eliette Iolanthe Primrose

    Son: Emrys Thayer Osmond Garrison Geoffrey Chadwick
    Mn: Cyprian Caspian Mannix Amias Amadeus Jericho

    daughter: Embeth Glennis Gwynn Sheridan Adelai Siobhan
    Mn: Olympia Cypress Gemini Aqua Aquarius Kacia

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    Jan 2014
    Surname: Nelson
    Street: Boysenberry Blvd.
    County: Cypress

    Pet: Hedgehog
    Color of your fantasy vehicle: Teal

    Color of your residence: Light Grey & Pale Pistachio

    DH: Audric Tiernan Jacoby

    DW: Thora Emerald Brienne

    Son: Zephan Torrance Lysander

    Daughter: Larue Arianwen Eliette

    Son: Thayer Caspian Mannix

    daughter: Adelai Gemini Cypress

    Jake & Em with Sander, Eli, Cas, and Ada
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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    Dec 2013
    LN: Rosenheim

    Street: Rocky Road
    County: Cambria

    DH: Broderick Morrison "Brody"
    DW: Gaia Brienne

    DS: Mateus Lysander
    DD: Libby Primrose
    DS: Osmond Caspian "Os"
    DD: Gwynn Kacia

    Hedgehog: Sonic
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Sep 2009
    Washington State
    Street: Boysenberry Blvd.
    County: Cambria
    Pet: Mini Pony
    Fantasy vehicle color: purple
    Residence color: Light grey

    DH: Bretton Morrison
    DW: Thora Brienne

    DS: Mateus Lynx
    DD: Libby Eliette
    DS: Thayer Amias
    DD: Adelai Kacia
    Not expecting, just collecting!
    Mama to cat: Finley Nash (Finn)

    My Favorite Names:
    Girls Names: Isla, Hannah, Lila, Josie, Harper, Daisy, Stella, Madeleine, Olivia, Isabelle, Willow, Sadie, Georgia, Ruby, Brynn, Viviena, Janie.
    Boys Names: Blake, Easton, Lane, Eli, Ezra, Theodore, Noah, Sawyer, Knox, Felix.

    Favorite Combos:
    Daisy Madeleine, Isla Wren, Stella Madeleine, Nora Madeleine, Emma Jean, Sadie Elisabeth, Georgia Pearl
    Eli Benjamin, Blake Michael, Judson Wyatt, Ezra Nathaniel

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    Sep 2011
    Surname: McNabb

    Street: Boysenberry Blvd.
    County: Cosmopolitan

    Brockton Indio
    Gaia Emerald

    Mateus Quartz
    Iselin Iolanthe
    Emrys Jericho
    Sheridan Cypress *Dani*
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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