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    Comments contest!

    Since every berry can comment almost every name since January, lets count who will leave most comments!

    1. Every comment must be polite
    2. Comment could be about any name
    2.5 Comments made before I posted this, doesn't count, only new names
    3. Every berry must post only once
    3.6 Berries must post names they comment in post in this thread
    4. Every week we count who leave most comments
    5. The berry who leave most comments in that week wins!
    6. Next week, game start over.

    Ready? Start!
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    Why are we competing for the number of comments? This will most likely reduce the quality of comments and lessen helpful comments because you are saying that it is quality not quantity. It is like Instagram or something where everything is done for likes, compeitions and followers. Oh golly I sound like a granny!

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