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    Good Names--Made up By You!

    I've made up Fiara, Lilianette, and for boys, Aarus! What names have you cobbled together that sound nice? And would you ever use one?
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    Rhadmos is a name I made up and I love it so much! I would use it

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    My husband and I created the name McKinzley for our daughter due this month. Most berries hate it, but I don't really care. I wanted McKinley or Kinsley and he wanted McKenzie so we came up with a compromise. At first I thought it was too weird but now I love it! And even though we made it up, I googled it and found out it's a true last name! lol

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    Blara. It's a combination of Blair (my father's name) and Clara. I don't know if I'd ever use it, though.
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    I used the name Ylisabel (Ee- lissa - bell) for a story once, I used to really love this name when I was a teenager. I would have used it back then, but now I'm more drawn to the forgotten classics: Louisa, Claudia, Mary, etc.

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