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    I actually kind of like it, I especially like it in that combo (I have a soft spot for Irish names and Mary names), and I don't think it's that far "out of the box". Orla Kiely is a designer who has had lines at Target and Anthropologie, so I've seen and heard it enough it seems familiar, to me at least. However, someone suggested Orla to me once for my sibset and it kept auto-correcting to "oral" when I typed it, which kind of turned me off. I wish it didn't bother me, but it does. I don't think of it that way when other people use it though, it's weird like that.
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    I like Aisling. It is a familiar enough pronunciation with a unique and Irish spelling.
    I also like Fiametta (sp?) nn Fia and Finuala nn Fia or Nola. Yes I like Fia as well and Fia may be a good alternate to Mia.

    (just suggesting some Irish names that may be further in the box).
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    Doesn't feel particularly special to me, but I know so many little Orlas (and several teens/adults). It's really pretty but I prefer the Orlaith spelling for it's Irish authenticity, plus it looks more complete to me. I know an Orlagh which seems like a fairly random spelling - but I assume it's legitimately Gaelic (same end sound as Clodagh, for instance)... I'd take a total guess and say that -laith and -lagh are very similar and interchangeable sounds?

    I also really like Alva/Elva/Ailbhe and Oona/Oonagh.
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    I think Orla Mary is lovely. I've heard of a little girl named Orla Beatrice, which I adore too.
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    I met a girl named Orla who was Irish, and I liked the name. Though in America, I feel like people will call her "oily" or something if you had a girl named Orla here. Other Irish names I like are:


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