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    Critiques and thoughts on my list

    Alright berries, here is my long list...have at er...

    (ps some family names are: Jean, Natasha, Marija, Blanche, Layne)

    Ada Lorraine
    Anastasia Rain
    Arwen Taylor
    Asia Lily
    Aveline Blanche
    Caia Blanche
    Clara Marija (prn Maria)
    Clea Brooke
    Elle Vivienne
    Elke Marija (prn Elle-kah)
    Elsa McKenna
    Georgia Liv
    Hera Lucette
    Isla Primrose
    Laika Brighton
    Lily Emmeline
    Logan Elise
    Loki Ann
    London Elina
    Lucie Rue (been told this is too cutesy...but I still have soft spot for it)
    Lumi Wren
    Luna Monroe
    Lyra Vivienne
    Meika Heidi
    Mila Claire
    Primrose Vivianna
    River Lorraine
    Rain Elina
    Saphira Aveline
    Shea Aveline
    Shiloh Layne
    Skylar Victoria
    Sparrow Alexis
    Sirrah Lilac
    Tatiana Marija
    Tyler Victoria
    Vienna Jean
    Violet Elle
    Seraphina Oceane ( Prn Oh -shee-anne)

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Ada Lorraine - I really like this one, it feels so vintagely lovely!
    Anastasia Rain - Also nice love Anastasia, Rain is different, although it may be a bit A heavy.
    Arwen Taylor - I feel like this may be a bit too unisex compared to your other choices.
    Asia Lily - This is lovely, my only fear is, it sounds a tad literal.
    Aveline Blanche - Like Aveline but not a fan of Blanche... makes me think A Streetcar Named Desire. But for you it's a family name so I understand
    Caia Blanche - Ditto; but Caia is nice.
    Clara Marija (prn Maria) - I really like this, it sounds really European.
    Clea Brooke - Not my favourite.
    Elle Vivienne - May be too many E's.
    Elke Marija (prn Elle-kah) - Really like this!
    Elsa McKenna - Not a fan of McKenna, loved Elsa for years, and it's a family name of mine.
    Georgia Liv - Feels incomplete.
    Hera Lucette - Kind of reallt like this.
    Isla Primrose - I like this but saying it would almost sound like "Isle of Primose"
    Laika Brighton - Not my style.
    Lily Emmeline - Very lovely, another favourite.
    Logan Elise - Not my style.
    Loki Ann - Not my style.
    London Elina - It's okay.
    Lucie Rue (been told this is too cutesy...but I still have soft spot for it) - It's cutesy but nice.
    Lumi Wren - I know Lumi is a real name; but it always looks in complete. I prefer Lumina which I feel is a little bet than two short names.
    Luna Monroe - This is spunky!
    Lyra Vivienne - Now this has to be one of my favourite on your list!
    Meika Heidi - Different.
    Mila Claire - This is simple and sweet!
    Primrose Vivianna - Might be a bit much, but I like it!
    River Lorraine - Too Literal again.
    Rain Elina - Don't mind this.
    Saphira Aveline - Quite like this.
    Shea Aveline - Not a fan of Shea.
    Shiloh Layne - I actually quite like this.
    Skylar Victoria - Like this better than Tyler Victoria.
    Sparrow Alexis - Hmm... I am not sure, I am trying to visualise it.
    Sirrah Lilac - This is different! In a good way.
    Tatiana Marija - Love Tatiana, but I don't know if you know this was the sibling names of two of Nicholas II of Russia's children. So people make think of that and Anastasia.
    Tyler Victoria - I like this, but it kind of makes me think of a Victorian era Tyler.
    Vienna Jean - Very pretty!
    Violet Elle - I love Elle and I love Violet, but for some reason this feels incomplete.
    Seraphina Oceane ( Prn Oh -shee-anne) - Lovely, but could be seen as a mouthful.

    Overall you have some lovely gems in here! Good job
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    Many of the names I love by themselves. my favorite combos from your list:

    I love: Asia Lily, Georgia Liv, Isla Primrose, and the names Tyler, Brighton, and Heidi.

    I like Lilac as a middle, I also like River, but as a middle.

    I like Shea ( Shay or Shae ) as a nickname or middle.

    Meiki I only like if it is pronounced as ( MYkah / Micah )

    I like Arwen, but with a more feminine middle.

    Aveline Blanche is great, but how are you saying Aveline? I prefer AHVahLynn.

    Asia Lily is so interesting and refreshing. Feels light and pretty.

    Clea Brooke is an overall well made combo. Clea is light and pretty and has lots of vowel sounds that make her feminine but not frilly. Brooke balances her out perfectly.

    Logan Elise is balanced the same way Clea Brooke is, but reversed.

    Sparrow Alexis has too much s for my liking, but I appreciate you using Sparrow, as I love animal and bird names. Alexia Sparrow could work, and Alexis or Sparrow could be a nn.

    Tyler I love on a girl actually. I recommend Tyler Veronica, Tyler Vanessa( which means resembling a butterfly or a specific species of butterfly ) or Tyler Mariposa ( butterfly in Spanish )

    I love your taste.

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    Combinations I really like:

    Anastasia Rain (have you considered Anastasia Wren?)
    Arwen Taylor
    Aveline Blanche
    Isla Primrose
    Lily Emmeline
    Seraphine Oceane
    Vienna Jean

    Names I really like, but not in their combinations:


    Names I just don't like:

    Laika (name of the first dog to travel into space)
    Lumi (have you considered Lumina?)
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    @ sodallas3 - Im glad you like most of my combos! Thank you for your compliments! In regards to the whole Anastasia/Tatiana thing I am very aware of the history...for this reason I would never use them together as a sibset...not to mention, my name is Natasha so it would be like a russian overload! lol I wish I liked the name Lumina...I’ve been trying to like it but I just cant. I used to live in Norway and I am used to hearing Lumi and Lumikki...but you are right, it does have a bit of an unfinished feel.

    @ AshleyJuliette - Thank you for your compliments! So happy you enjoy my style! It is always nice to hear that! I pronounce Meika as Mee-kah and Aveline...I am honestly undecided about the pronunciation. I used to always pronounce it Ah-vuh-leen, but it recently just hit me that it can also be pronounced as Evelyn (but with an a). I am not sure which way I like better and... I kind of alternate depending on the combo... I am also glad that you appreciate Clea Brooke and Logan Elise...those two don't tend to get much love!

    @ Sarahmezz - Thank you for your input! I haven't considered Anastasia Wren...but I do really like it! hmmm I think I may like it even more than Anastasia Rain...thank you! I would love to hear some more of your combo suggestions for the names I have listed that you like!

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