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    Middle name suggestions for Lydia

    Need some middle name suggestions.

    Two combos we have are
    Lydia Frances
    Lydia Pamela

    If you have any other suggestions go crazy.


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    Lydia Ellen
    Lydia Evelyn
    Lydia Elaine

    I'm liking E names right now

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    Out of your two I prefer Lydia Frances. Lydia Pamela doesn't flow very well (IMO).

    May I suggest:

    Lydia Juliet
    Lydia Willow
    Lydia Clarice
    Lydia Arrietty
    Lydia Faith
    Lydia Brooke
    Lydia Taylor
    Lydia Blanche
    Lydia Jean

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    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 22 years old and I have loved baby names since I was 10.

    Girl names: Juliet Grace, Madeleine Hope, Linnea Ruby, Stella Rose, Emilia Colette, Clara ?, Fiona Violet, Bridget Amelia, Lydia Charlotte Eden Elizabeth, Eliza ?, Evelyn ?

    Boy names: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Drew, Evan Robert, Joel ?, Quinn ?, Dawson Cole, Griffin Miles, Judah Nathaniel, Greyson Jeremiah, Roman Isaiah

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    Lydia Celeste
    Lydia Fiore
    Lydia Feliz
    Lydia Hope
    Lydia Joanne
    Lydia Cosette
    Lydia Martine

    I am not sure of your style so I gave a mixture of styles.
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