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View Poll Results: Dated Male Names I Like: Do You?

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  • Jim

    10 21.28%
  • Ward/Howard

    10 21.28%
  • Wallace/Wally

    13 27.66%
  • Ted/Teddy

    24 51.06%
  • Bob/Robert/Robbie/Rob

    13 27.66%
  • Tim/Timmy/Timothy

    19 40.43%
  • Craig

    7 14.89%
  • Scott

    15 31.91%
  • Rudy

    11 23.40%
  • Douglas/Doug

    14 29.79%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Nov 2013

    Dated Male Names I Now Like

    Just posted a female version. The male list is harder to find. More male names from the 40's -70's still repulse me, such as (no offense meant) Gary and Larry.

    But there are some I've grown fond of. I think it's actually caused by all the misspelled and (to me) horrific names out there now that make me nostalgic for some of these gems.

    I'd take a thousand Jims over one Broxton any day!

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    Aug 2013
    I've always like Ted, it's my Grandfathers preferred name- his full name was Edward but he never went by it. I really like Wallace but not so much Wally. I really like Rudy too

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    May 2012
    Rob/Robbie is great, i see such a guy (like, a good looking firefighter who plays soccer on the weekends) when i think of those.

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    Not Jim, because Jim can turn into Jimmy and Jimmy is the worst name in history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayinwww View Post
    Not Jim, because Jim can turn into Jimmy and Jimmy is the worst name in history.
    Well, I see your point! I've been fond of some great Jimmys, but it is not a great name on its own. Chuck is my own personal hell name.

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