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Thread: MN for Rory?

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    Cair Paravel :)

    MN for Rory?

    What would you pair with Rory as a FN? I've really been adoring Rory lately, but I seem at a loss for what to pair it with. I've considered Rory Joshua, Rory Alexander, Rory Samuel, etc., but they all seem rather lacklustre to me. Someone suggested Rory Benjamin to me, and I like that all right, but meh, I'm just not very excited about any of them. What pairs well with Rory?!

    Thanks, Berries!

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    Out of your choices I like Rory Benjamin and Rory Alexander best, but they don't seem to flow too well...
    I also love Samuel, but doesn't seem fitting.
    How about Rory Jace?
    Rory Ajax?
    Rory Hawthorne
    Rory Malachi
    Rory Theodore (Too much "OR"?)
    Rory Dominic
    Rory Matthias
    Rory William
    Rory Roderick
    Rory Jude
    Rory Wynthrop
    Rory Everett
    Rory Bennett
    Rory Emmett
    Rory Nicodemus
    Rory Nicolas/Nicoli
    Rory Nathaniel
    Rory Jacob
    Rory Harrison
    Rory Phillip
    Rory Tatum
    Rory Steven
    Rory Leviticus
    Rory Jedidiah
    Rory Jeremiah/Jeremy
    Rory Hayes
    Rory Harlow
    Rory Levi
    Rory James
    Rory David
    Rory Timothy
    Perhaps a double middle name?
    Rory Jude Hawthorne?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Ooh, I do love Rory Dominic! And I have been itching to get it on my list as a middle. I actually do do two middles, but I just find it easier to attack one middle at a time. And honestly, one will probably be a family name, so there's that to consider, too.

    Maybe an "E" middle? My sister's initials are RE, and I find it hard to honor her on my boys' list, so that is rather attractive. I wouldn't do Everett, though, as it's my second favorite boys' name and I can't see me ever hiding it away in the MN spot again. I am really loving Rory Dominic, though--that's definitely added to the "maybe" pile!

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    E middle names huh?
    I think Rory Eddison is lovely or Rory Emeric or Rory Ezra...but here is a bunch of other RE combos! Good luck!
    Rory Eamon
    Rory Emmett
    Rory Everett
    Rory Eldon
    Rory Elvis
    Rory Ethan
    Rory Easton
    Rory Elliot
    Rory Ellis
    Rory Emerson
    Rory Emery
    Rory Ember
    Rory Elias
    Rory Elijah
    Rory Eli
    Rory Edmund/Edward
    Rory Eddison
    Rory Elgin
    Rory Egan
    Rory Emeric
    Rory Eldridge
    Rory Ezra
    Rory Enoch

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I quite like Rory Elliot! I generally try to avoid Eli- names since I could easily use Elias, Elliot, or Elijah for just about every name on my list, but I have already been considering Rory Elijah, so why not, haha. Is Rory Elliot too unisex? It's clearly masculine for me, but with the growing popularity of both Rory and Elliot for girls, I'd like to be sure.

    I was also tossing around Rory Edmund, for my beloved Narnia.

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