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Thread: Our shortlist!

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    I love Phoebe. While I'm not a huge fan of alliteration I think Phoebe Frances could work. Phoebe Elizabeth is also nice.

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    My favorite first name is Phoebe, though I prefer much Phoebe Elizabeth to Phoebe Frances. I also love Phoebe and Luke.

    My favorite combo with Frances is Miriam Frances. If Miriam would have a nickname, eg Miri/Mira, I would love this option too.
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    Here they are in order of my favorite to least favorite:

    1) Phoebe Elisabeth (I adore Phoebe but Phoebe Frances is too rhymey).
    2) Miriam Frances
    3) Alexandra Frances
    4) Lydia Frances
    5) Phoebe Frances
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    Since you already have a Luke, I wouldn't choose a name with the same initial (bye bye Lydia). Miriam is a lovely vintage name but it sounds somewhat staid next to Luke so I would eliminate that one. So that leaves us with Alexandra and Phoebe. Phoebe and Luke match well. Phoebe has a spunky playfulness and joyful spirit but the cute sound of it diminishes the name a bit. I don't think it ages as well as Alexandra. This elegant royal name has great character and majestic presence and comes equipped with many nickname options. It can easily move through all stages of life with an effortless grace. Luke and Alexandra would be wonderful siblings. I love Frances too!
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    Frances does not have the best flow with most of these but it is not a huge problem and Frances is such a lovely name that it would be a shame not to use it. I LOVE the idea of Miriam. It is fresh and unique but familiar and easy to spell and prn. Phoebe Frances I LOVE for the alliteration and the combination of the playful Phoebe and the classic, sensible Frances. A winner. You could always put Elizabeth in the middle as well to improve the flow if you would prefer not to uses Phoebe. Miriam Frances Elizabeth sounds lovely.

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