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    How popular is Finn really?

    We are almost positive we want to name our second son Griffin and possibly call him by the nn Finn when he is younger but I keep reading how popular Finn is but it's not even in the top 200 yet...How can this be? Even when you consider all the possible Finn nickname sources (Finnegan, Finley, etc) they still don't make up for the discrepancy in my opinion. Am I missing something? Of course if we choose Griffin then we don't have to use Finn but I'd like to understand the popularity of the potential nickname before I make a final decision. Anyone else have a clue?

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    Last year in the US, out of 4 million births:

    1639 boys named Griffin
    1205 boys called Finn
    540 boys called Finnegan
    473 named Finley
    125 boys called Finnian
    103 named Phineas
    119 boys called Finnley
    57 boys called Finnigan
    36 named Finlay
    27 named Gryffin
    25 boys named Finneas
    20 named Finian
    14 named Phinehas
    13 named Findley
    13 named Fintan
    9 named Finnick (!)
    9 named Fin
    9 named Findlay
    8 named Finbar
    8 named Fineas
    7 named Finnan
    6 named Finnean
    6 named Phineus
    6 named Finch
    5 named Phinneas
    5 named Finbar
    5 named Finneus
    5 named Finton

    903 girls named Finley
    99 girls named Finnley
    42 named Finleigh
    41 named Finlee
    17 girls named Griffin
    16 named Infinity
    14 named Finlay
    13 named Finola
    10 girls named Finn
    7 girls named Finnegan
    7 named Findley
    6 named Finnlee
    6 named Infiniti
    6 named Phinley

    And you can bet that they all go by 'Finn."
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    Popularity doesn't matter when you consider how awesome the name is, but since you asked, I've only seen the name used once on a real person.

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    I never met a Finn and I like the name better than Griffin.
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    Other then Finn from Adventure Time (on Cartoon Network), I have never meet a Finn in real life. We did have a Griffin in our class, but we called him Gilford, lol.

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