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    Cousins names too close?

    We have a close family. We've chosen the name Calvin, but my nephew (1 yr) is named Waylon. They will be together often, playing, staying with their grandparents... I don't think it would deter me from using my chosen name but does calling for Waylon and Calvin sound awkward?

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    I think it's fine! It might be a bit different if they were brothers, but still probably OK. The long A in Waylon makes it sounds fairly different from Calvin.
    I adore Calvin. Good luck!
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    The only similarity is that Calvin and Waylon both end in "n". The names sound different enough so I don't think you should worry too much.
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    I would say don't worry about it! To me, they are not even that close sounding. My SIL is naming her little girl due in May Ella and we are naming our little girl due in July Saela. Very similar, as they both end in la, but I am not going to intentionally omit a name just because it is close to her cousin's.
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    I think waylon and calvin are different enough to be cousins.
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