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    WDYT of Verlaine for girl

    I was watching The Andy Griffith Show (one of my all time faves) the other night and came across the name Verlaine (Otis Campbell's sister-in-law).. I never have heard of Verlaine before but there is something I like about it :wink: I have been a bit taken by "V" girl names lately but wondering what others thought of this name1

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    It's appealing. Luxurious and glamorous.

    I wouldn't use it, but I do like it a lot.

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    My only association with Verlaine is the romantic poet of that name who had an affair with Arthur Rimbaud and was imprisoned for sodomy in Paris.
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    I feel like there's a syllable missing, like Everlaine or something. Also makes me think of Denver Lane and the boy's name Tamerlane. So, unfortunately I don't personally like it. But there isn't anything wrong with it. (please vote!)

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    I like it. Never heard of it before but I really like it. Verlaine has a lovely sound.
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